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1. You, the parents and students, may be assured that your classes are instructed and disciplined in a manner keenly associated with proper and correct dance education. Classes are taught by myself or lead teachers along with assistant teachers and student helpers.

2. It is my desire to provide you with excellent results with a positive, motivating, friendly atmosphere with proper dance technique. This can only be accomplished by you and your child's patience and cooperation. I will be happy to discuss progress with you at any time.

3. A positive and supportive attitude is expected from all students and their parents. I reserve the right to dismiss any student or parent who upsets the harmony of the school, who is disruptive or abusive.

4. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained while in class or on premises which are unsupervised. I am not responsible for lost articles.

5. Hair must be worn off the face. NO jewelry allowed.

6. Students must be properly attired for lessons, preferably a leotard and tights. Tank tops, and jazz or yoga pants are acceptable. Dance pants must be either black or navy blue. Absolutely NO baggy shirts, sweatshirts, or baggy pants. The studio sells tights, bags, and dance shoes that your class is

assigned to wear. Hair must be pulled back neatly in

either a ponytails or buns.

7. Teachers will re addressed by their first name with "Miss" before it.

8. NO gum or candy will be allowed while taking a lesson.

9. Students need to be on time for class and ready to dance. Parents, please come into the waiting room to drop off and pick up your child. Children should NOT be dropped off earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class. The students are told to wait inside for their ride.

10. Students must wait in the waiting room until called into class for their lesson.

11. For the benefit of the students, Parents and friends will not be allowed to watch the classes being conducted as it may disturb the students. Pre-school and General Dance Parents will be able to watch their child's classes during Christmas Party week and also during the week we try on costumes.

12. If your child has a physical or emotional problem, please bring it to the teachers attention before the start of the first lesson. This way we will be prepared to give your child the extra understanding and assistance they may need.

13. The measure of success attained during the first few months is a major factor in shaping the proper attitude toward dance and in influencing future dancing achievements. All parents should encourage students by showing interest and enthusiasm , and see they practice as much as they can.

14. In case of inclement weather conditions, or if in doubt as to whether or not the studio is open, please call (508)-224-8391. If there is no public school due to snow, there will be no morning classes.

15. Any photos taken of your child in dance or on picture day may be used for advertising purposes for the Manomet School of Dance. If you do not want your child's photo used please let

Miss Katie know asap.

16. If you do decide to withdraw from the Manomet School of Dance please let us know so that we do not order your child a costume, and so that their spot in class may be filled.

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