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Father & Daughter Dance 2018

*Once again this year we will be having a father-daughter dance routine in the recital!

We hop you will join us in the fun!

All students in General Dance 2 (1st graders) and up are eligible. I do realize that there may not be a Dad in every home. You are more than welcome to ask a brother, Uncle, or Grandfather to dance with you. The practices will be held at the Manomet Studio.

1st Practice: DADS & DAUGHTERS

Sunday May 20th

Younger girls 1st-6th graders

Last name A-M ~ 5:15-6:00

Last name N-Z ~ 6:15-7:00

Teen girls 7th grade & up


*If you can't make your scheduled time, it's not a problem if you need to come to the other time slot on the Monday night or Saturday rehearsals. 

2nd Practice: DADS & DAUGHTERS

**Saturday June 2nd**

Younger girls 1st-6th

Last name N-Z12:00-12:45

Last name A-M ~ 12:45-1:30

Teen girls 7th grade & Up

Monday June 4th

Last name A-M 6:30-7:15

Last name L-Z 7:15-8:00

3rd Practice: Dads & Daughters

**Sunday June 10th**

1st thru 6th grade

Last name A-M ~ 5:15-6:00

Last name L-Z 6:15-7:00

Teen girls 7th grade & up ~ 7:15-8

***We will be dancing to a mix of country music, old and new. Get your cowboy hats, boots, and jeans ready! All male figures are welcome to dance, Uncle, brother or grandparent. Please join us for this number, it is always a huge crowd pleaser at the recital and an awesome memory you will share with your daughters, niece, granddaughters, sisters, etc. All are welcome, and even if there are 1, 2, or 3 siblings, we make it work!! There are 3 shows, you only have to dance in 1. I will print out the steps for you to practice and if you send in a blank CD I will make it for you!! See you all soon!!!

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