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Hometown Heroes

 We know that role models are extremely important for our younger students and we are proud to provide them with the most amazing ones around. Our students put their heart and souls into this studio giving their time and commitment to provide our younger students with the kind of “hometown hero” role models that they deserve.

Student helpers that assist in classes are not chosen based on just their dance ability. They are hand chosen by their teachers after demonstrating the skills required to take on such a responsible task. It is not an easy decision that we take lightly.

We refer to them as the having the "total package" which includes their dance skills, maturity level, as well as their performance in school.

It’s an honor to teach some of the most caring and dedicated kids in the area. We believe that "little hands.... or in our case feet can make a big difference" that is why we stress the importance of being actively involved in the community by volunteering. Yes, we have been the heir to some of the highest awards over the years, and it has been a phenomenal feeling of accomplishment; but the reward of being able to help in our community has provided us with such satisfaction and continues to be one of our proudest achievements. We stress to our students the importance of the art of dance paired along with the value of striving in education. With the result of our students being Valedictorian, class presidents, treasures, secretaries, members of National Honor Society, Prom Queens, & King (Go Peter) captains of their sports teams, including cheerleading and dance teams -

All while demonstrating the leadership qualities that we encourage here at MSOD.

Our MSOD graduates have gone on to some of the finest colleges and universities including Harvard, Babson, and MIT and have been accepted on some of the most reputable dance teams such as NYU, Dean, Merrimack, and Oklahoma City. We are so proud of all of them! The best part is once you’re part of the MSOD family you are always part of it and are encouraged to stay in contact and come back each year to support the next generation of dancers’.

Alumni Tell Us How You Are Doing- What's New??

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Indian Brook Elementary hosts

Manomet School of Dance

By Kathryn Koch- PLYMOUTH — At Indian Brook Elementary School Wednesday, children in the morning kindergarten had fun with music through active participation in dance with teens from the Manomet School of Dance.Plymouth North High School seniors Jillian White and Nicole Fitzpatrick led the children in the morning’s music and movement program and returned the following afternoon to get the afternoon kindergarten moving to the music. White, who has been dancing for 16 years, said they visited the school last year, too, at the invitation of one of the mothers, and were happy to be invited back. She said they saw several familiar faces during the program and had lots of fun.“We teach at our studio, and we know a bunch of the students here,” she said. A dancer for 13 years, Fitzpatrick said she enjoys teaching the kinds of party dances they showed the children at Indian Brook. She’s used to being in front of large groups of children and likes to teach dance.“I just love little kids and working with them and helping them,” she said. The Hokey Pokey, limbo and Chicken Dance were just the songs to get the children moving after warming up with their teachers. Throw in some music from High School Musical, and the program was complete. To the question, “Did you have fun?” the children gave a resounding, “Yeah!”

Kindergartners at Indian Brook Elementary School Limbo down March 18 with help from Manomet School of Dance dancers Nicole Fitzpatrick and Jillian White, both Plymouth North High School seniors

Plymouth North High School seniors Nicole Fitzpatrick, left, and Jillian White from the Manomet School of Dance lead Indian Brook Elementary School morning kindergartners in stretches before dancing the Hokey Pokey

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