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Manomet School

of Dance

2 Convenient Locations

            Manomet School of Dance                           Manomet School of Dance II

              32 Manomet Point Rd.                               91 D5 Carver Rd. 

              Plymouth, MA 02360                                 Plymouth, MA 02360

                (508)-224-8391                                     (508)-746-7778    

“There’s No Place Like Home”

Manomet School of Dance is a “Home Away From Home” for our dancers’. Our Mission is to provide the best quality dance education possible to our students using the love of dance and our heartfelt teaching techniques. The importance of understanding that each child is an individual and should be treated that way is a huge key in our success. First and foremost we believe that learning should be FUN!We are well aware that the physical growth in the art is important by building strong bodies and minds but we hope that our dance experience goes above and beyond the physical aspect. We’re honored that you put such important developmental milestones in our hands and we take pride in knowing that we’re such a big part of the development of building self-esteem, confidence and

friendships that will last a lifetime.

Everyday at MSOD is a new experience, where we never stop learning and class is ALWAYS built on Fun. Designed to provide a safe dance environment, our studios are the perfect place for dancers’ of all ages to express themselves freely and develop their dance skills at their own pace.

Because we know that the fast growing industry requires immediate training on the newest of techniques we feel it’s necessary for our teachers to attend the most current dance conventions and workshops throughout the country such as Las Vegas and Florida to stay on top and ahead of the game. By doing this our students will be gaining the current education they deserve. Because of our opportunities each year the dancers' experiences here at MSOD are endless……

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