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"Four years ago, my daughters began dancing at MSOD, Rachel at the age of four and Kim at nine.  I was concerned with the adjustment for Rachel, having
never experienced any kind of organized activity where I wasn’t directly with her… I needn’t have worried. Miss Katie and Miss Sharon were phenomenal with separation anxiety. They gently encouraged Rachel to participate when she was ready and I watched her thrive! My thoughts about Kim were that, starting at the age of nine, she would not be able to keep up with the girls who had been dancing for many years. Miss Lynne and her assistants proved to be just what Kim needed! She dances with Miss Jodi now and
shows great confidence and looks like she’s been dancing her entire life!  
I love MSOD for my girls because the TEACHERS are THE BEST!!!"
-Sandy O’Brien
"MSOD is not the closest dance studio to my home. It is, however, THE BEST DANCE STUDIO around and that is what I wanted for my daughter, Mackenzie! Mackenzie has been dancing for five years and I have enjoyed watching her develop her skills and become a more confident performer. Every year, our extended family attends the recital and every year they comment on what a fabulous evening it is! We are not only proud of Mackenzie but also of MSOD for their obvious commitment to excellence!"
-Karen Corrigan
Our family moved to Plymouth 9 years ago when my oldest daughter was 3. I knew no one so when it came time to chose a dance studio I simply opened the Yellow Pages and just guessed at which one would be best- I guessed right! 9 years later, both of my daughters are still dancing at MSOD. Miss Katie and her teachers are professional, talented and fun- a total class act! We have come to know many families through MSOD over the years and my girls have made wonderful friends. On top of that, the MSOD staff feels like extended family!
~ Heidi Redington
"I have 3 daughters that attend Manomet School of Dance. My oldest since 2000, when I moved to Plymouth. There were a few other dance studios I looked at, but when I went to the open house and met everyone ( Miss Katie, Miss Jodi, Miss Sharon and Miss Lynne) I knew right then that this was the dance studio I wanted my daughters to attend. Everyone was so friendly and very welcoming , and I found that very comforting being new to the Plymouth area. MSOD also does tons of mother /daughter trips. In 2005 my oldest daughter and I went on the Boston to Bermuda cruise and we had so much fun we are going again with the dance studio this year! Also we went on a bus trip into Boston and saw How The Grinch Stole Christmas.My girls love going to dance every week, they actually look forward to it....and that makes me happy to see them enjoying something in their life so much.
You couldn't find better dance teachers for your children or dance studio."
- Heather Merlino
"The teachers are what makes Manomet School of Dance so incredibly special. From the moment Allison began at age 4, her teachers have not only taught her to dance more beautifully each year, but have encouraged in her a self-confidence and love of performing. The recital is amazingly fun and energetic. It is a blast to see all the girls, from the toddlers to the high school seniors, on the stage in their beautiful costumes smiling and dancing their hearts out."
- Kathy Palmer
"Courtney started dancing with MSOD at the age of three. It’s hard to believe that was Nine years ago! When she was little, it was sweet to watch her with all the other little ones… now I enjoy seeing her dance with enthusiasm and pride at what she’s accomplished!
I can honestly say that Courtney’s experience with MSOD has only been extremely positive! She loves it and plans to continue all the way through high school!"
-Jen Bolle
"My two daughters have been with MSOD for years now.  Shanlea started dancing with MSOD before she turned three.  She will be starting her "10th" year this fall.  Charlene will begin her 7th.  Over the past 9 years I think we have now had every teacher in the school and the are all FABULOUS!!  (Student teacher's included) It has been such a wonderful and rewarding experience for my girls.  Their love for dance and the many friendships they have made will be with them forever.  We look forward to many more years with all the great people at MSOD!  * Kudos to Miss Jodi for giving GREAT kids birthday parties!  Charlene and her friends had a BLAST!"
 ~ Paula Kernen
"My oldest daughter has danced since she was 3 1/2, we have enjoyed every recital, watching her gain confidence, make friends and truly love what she
is doing. Now this last June our youngest danced at her first recital and loved it!!! The families we've met a long the way have been wonderful but it is the truly the gifted and beautiful teachers at MSOD that make this dance studio the best. They all work so hard. All you have to do is see the smiles and tears at the dance recitals year after year, to know what it means to the students, parents, familes and teachers. Now, we look forward to seeing both of our girls smile as they perform, achieve their goals and further build their confidence.
Thank you all at MSOD for smiles on my daughters
faces after every performance."
~ Nelida McNeely
"I want to let you know that I decided on Manomet School of Dance because of my friend, Karen Davies.  Both of her daughters have, and/or are currently going, and they could not say enough about the school.  Brooke had been in dance for quite a number of years.  Jordan for just a few.  Karen, being a previous dance teacher herself, has quite a lot of knowledge of dance has been thrilled with the school.  That alone was enough to make me sign up. After joining, I have noticed the excitement in both the teachers and their students each and every week.  Jackie has never not wanted to go but wishes it was more than just once a week.  Dance has been great socially, physically, and emotionally for Jackie.  Thanks to the dedication of all the teachers at Manomet School of dance. We look forward to many more years!"
~ Mrs. Abreu
"My daughter, Olivia, began dancing at the Manomet School of Dance when she was two years old and Miss Katie was the proud new owner of the studio.  FIFTEEN years later, she continues to study and assistant teach Dance with Miss Katie and she has never looked back.   Beyond the love of dancing that the Manomet School of Dance has instilled in her, she has learned confidence, grace , dedication and lifelong friendships that go beyond the dance studio. "
~ L. Savage
"Dear Ms. Katie and Ms. Jodi; Once again my family and friends are left breathless after your amazing recital!  Every year you amaze us all for your dedication and love for dance. And each year you out do the year before - how do you do it? It brings tears to my eyes to watch my daughter Olivia grow every year with you and watch her become the dancer she is all because of you! I will be forever grateful for everything you do and have done. ~ Ms. Jodi, you have been an inspiration and a huge influence on Olivia. 
She wants to be a dance teacher and choreographer - all because of you!  She sometimes looks at colleges to study dance and she is only 9. I also wanted to let you know that we had Olivia's birthday there in May and she and her friends are still talking about how cool the party was.  None of the girls wanted the day to end.  I wish you could have seen each one of them dancing out of the studio at the end of the party.  Olivia already has plans for next year - same as this year! Thank you all for another wonderful year and we look forward to being with you in the fall. Happy summer.
P.S. Ms. Jodi - Olivia wants to be you for Halloween!!"  
 ~Laurie Cadieux
"Manomet School of Dance was definitely THE reason why I fell in love with dancing. MSOD always made me feel as though I had a second family to share lots of smiles, laughs and tears with. Dance was such a huge part of my life, especially in high school, that I didn't know what I would do when I went away to college. Fortunately, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to continue dancing at college on my school's Dance Ensemble. I knew that I would never had made it without the skills I had learned and the support I had from my years dancing with MSOD. No matter what I do, nothing compares to the memories I made with everyone at Manomet School of Dance!"
~ Alumni Chelsea Moylan
This is the best school of dance!!! you learn so much. My daughter started her first few years of dance at a different dancing school and it was expensive and not very worth it,then my step daughter was there and a year later I sent my other daughter and god has it taught them so much! I would recommend this school to anyone. There is so much to just dancing there. Also the recitals are so nicely put together and I just love it!
~ A.
This is a wonderful place for kids to learn to dance. All kinds of classes are offered. From Ballet to jazz and tap. Classes are fairly inexpensive when compare to other local schools. There are many times available for classes and they are for all ages. There is plenty of parking and it is close to some stores to do shopping while you wait for classes to be done.
~ Diane G
We started our daughter at Manomet School of Dance 9 years ago. She loves it! Before the end of each year she is already to sign up for the next. All the teachers are great! Not only do they teach dance; but, they also help the students develop self-confidence and caring relationships. I would recommend Manomet School of Dance to anyone and I do!
~ Cheryl R.
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