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1.   Please remember tuition is due the first lesson of the month.  Costume orders
are being placed so it would be appreciated if your balances were all caught up and payments were on time, thank you!  We will be sending home statements this 
month if you are behind.

2. There will be NO LESSONS during this February vacation.  The studio will be closed from 
Monday Feb 18th thru Sunday February 24th.  
We will reopen on Monday the 25th.

3.  Reminder: T-Shirts, baggy clothes and baggy pants are not appropriate dance attire.  Please come to class prepared in your dance clothes and hair tied back.  

4.  If public school is cancelled due to snow then morning classes will be cancelled also.  If the driving conditions  improve by the afternoon then we will have class.  If you
 are in doubt please call the studio, there will be a 
message on the machine to let you know if classes are cancelled.  You can also check the website and 
catherinemsodkeyes facebook!

5. Karma Crystal webiste is open for a few more weeks until February 17th!  Online ordering made easy with really great MSOD gear! I will also still be placing orders for jackets, sweatshirts, and warm-up suits through out the rest of the dance season.  Please let me know if you would like to place an order!  We also still have the MSOD backpacks, garment bags & duffle bags!

6. PARENTS AND STUDENTS:  Please be sure to clean up after yourselves in the waiting room.  Also reminder that there are NO STREET SHOES are allowed in the dance studio!  Please take your shoes off before entering to dance or to use the restroom.  This rule goes for EVERYBODY!! The sand, salt water and dirt are harsh on the dance floors, please try to follow this rule, thank you!!

7.  Winter Sale:  All leotards, pants, and sweatshirts that we have in stock are $5 off MSOD duffle bags and backpacks are on sale for $25

8.  COMPETITION  DATE: If you are in a competiton class please mark down April 7th for the first competition! Oliver Ames High School! May 12th in Andover.  Don"t forget to turn your fundraiser candy money in soon!

9. Recital Dates: June 15th for MANOMET & June 16th West for WEST PLYMOUTH

Happy Valentine's Day!

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